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Rilassarsi e mantenersi in forma in vacanza

Relaxing area…in Sorrento

Ulisse deluxe rises inside a complex that also hosts a wellness centre, with fitness centre and SPA so you can always feel fit and in form even on vacation.

The Ulysse Wellness centre, has an agreement with the hostel, is the first Wellness centre in Sorrento.

The building is built on 4 levels , developed on an area of 2,500sqm. It has a nice, soft, warm and tranquilizing atmosphere, enabling you to have a relaxing holiday in Sorrento and at the same time helping you to forget life’s stresses.


Wellness Centre

The exclusive wellness centre proposes numerous personalised thereapeutic and aesthetical treatments, carried out by professionals using high quality products.

The wellness centre has relaxing treatment rooms perfumed with Mediterranean essences where many personal treatments for every need awaits you, these treatments are thought and devoted to everybody who likes to take care of their body and soul.

Give yourself a day of complete relaxation at the Ulysse Wellness Centre, pay less and give an extra touch of class to your holiday in Sorrento.

Spa Ulysse

The Ulysse Spa is the ideal place to rediscover the beauty of the body and that pleasant feeling when your body is totally relaxed and cuddled.

The thermal baths offer a full spa journey: large thermal pool with warm salty water and hydro massage and cromotherapy, thermal vascular idropercorso, steam room grotto, Finnish sauna, shower with cromotherapy and aromatherapy, massage with water jets and waterfalls, thermic re-equilibrium in the ice grotto with cold bucket shower. The last stop on your journey is the relaxing room where you can rest on a chais lounge and sip a cup of tisane and infusions where you can tranquilize before heading back out to the hustle and bustle of the city again.

The SPA is closed :
from 14/08 to 16/08 and from 17/09 to 25/09

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